22-23/11/2018  “Slash – European Music Convention”

European Music Incubator @Nantes, France


18/08/18 “Live music for Silent movies” @Tunel Cafe Bar/Concert Venue (Rijeka). Free entrance.

Social media: Dastunnelprojekt  Tunel klub Rijeka

13/08/18 “Live music for Silent movies” 10 pm @ Castle (Pazin). Free entrance.

Seven Days of Creation is a festival of a rich cultural production and promotion. The festival brings together a large number of authors and creatives. Its creative vibration encourages development in the individual as well as in the society and in that way creates the space for the exchange of cultural heritage and personal experiences.


26/05/2018 “Digital pedagogy in music”, presentation about new trends in teaching music using digital technology.  Pula, Stoja, The Town Workshop @ 19pm. Free entrance.


28/04/18 “Live music for Silent movies”  Pula, DC Rojc, The Town Workshop @ 20pm. Free entrance.




After Tallinn and Liverpool, musicians participating in the ongoing cycle of workshops, are now meeting in Zagreb. These seven samurais, who travel together while learning and developing new business models that transcend traditional boundaries of popular music, will take part in Music and Tourism thematic workshop at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb.



Marko is honoured to be chosen to participate in European Music Incubator programme: thematic Digital teaching.

After 1 month of selection process, 133 applications received, 15 Skype ITW and 5 hours of deliberations, the 7 musicians who will participate to European Music Incubator program have been selected.  More info